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Broadcasts to date:

StarCaster ATIS US Coast Guard

ATIS Deployment: U.S. Coast Guard

Coast Guard Air Station Elizabeth City is the largest and busiest Coast Guard air station in the U.S., operating missions as far away as Greenland, the Azores and the Caribbean.

Project Description

Prior to STR-SpeechTech installation, the station had no ATIS, solely a weather input known as ASOS, from the US National Weather Service. STR incorporated the StarCaster ATIS with the ASOS, to broadcast ATIS messages on the ASOS frequency. The other advantage of the combined system is that when the tower is closed at night, the system continues to broadcast ASOS and an ATIS message indicating the tower is closed.

Benefits of StarCaster

StarCaster benefits were stated by the Air Traffic Manager:

…The StarCaster ATIS system operates exacy as described, and is an integral part of the air traffic control services provided by our control tower. Our air traffic controllers like using the StarCaster ATIS system, because the user interface is easy to operate, and it greatly simplifies the process of broadcasting an ATIS message when new weather information is received. Air traffic management likes the system because it greatly enhances our air traffic controllers’ ability to do their jobs, operates reliably on a 24-hour basis, and improves flight safety.
STR as a company is efficient, professional, and has a high standard for conducting business. They provided qualified personnel to install the StarCaster ATIS system in our control tower, and they also provided useful training to our air traffic controllers. STR has always responded quickly to our requests for technical support, and we have been very pleased with the follow-up service they have provided for the StarCaster ATIS system. In summary, I would highly recommend STR to anyone considering the use of their automated aviation products.

Eric Djigounian, Air Traffic Manager

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