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Keflavik International Airport-Iceland

ATIS Deployment: Iceland

Keflavík International Airport is the largest airport in Iceland and the country’s main hub for international transportation. Reykjavik Airport is the chiefly domestic airport in Iceland.

Project Description

The two airports operated by the Iceland Aviation Authority (ISAVIA) were using an older system which did not have automatic access to weather data. STR-SpeechTech installed the StarCaster® ATIS system in 2008. An update in 2012 of the system at Keflavik also supported the Datalink ATIS (D-ATIS) for larger aircraft.

Benefits of StarCaster

The benefits of the StarCaster were clearly outlined by the Chief Engineer for ISAVIA:

quote There are benefits in the use of StarCaster over the older system. This is especially reflected in a much more modern and better interface that provides the ATC folks more streamlined workflow. Also the support of external connection of METAR information directly into the StarCaster is a great timesaver, and ensures the best information is available to pilots each time.
The flexibility and robustness of the StarCaster system makes us believe that maintenance costs will in the long term not be extensive. Also the extensive set of words the system can voice, provides good flexibility for ATC folks to announce special conditions of the airport through the ATIS, and the recording feature has been used on occasion when necessary. This way the ATC folks can always broadcast the type of messages that provide the best necessary information of the airport conditions each time. quote

Arnor Bergur Kristinsson GNSS Projects Chief Engineer Isavia - Iceland CAA

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