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StarCaster ATIS now on the U.S. Air Force Approved Products List

VICTORIA, BC, Canada – November 29, 2011.

After extensive evaluation, the U.S. Air Force has accepted STR-SpeechTech’s StarCaster® ATIS version 5 for inclusion on the Air Force Evaluated/Approved Products List (E/APL).

The StarCaster ATIS system is a software and hardware solution that provides air traffic controllers with a way to rapidly generate clear and consistent Automatic Terminal Information Service broadcasts in a natural human voice. Unlike other products that require the controller break for up to 5 minutes to make a manual ATIS recording, StarCaster ATIS is used to create the broadcast in about 30 seconds.

With its acceptance by the Air Force Certification and Accreditation Program, managers of Air Traffic Control Towers at USAF bases may now easily obtain or update their StarCaster ATIS software and equipment. One Captain of USAF Airfield Operations reports, “The StarCaster digital ATIS system is highly reliable; we never have problems using StarCaster ATIS and it never fails.” Currently installed at over 50 U.S. Air Force and 30 U.S. Army sites, STR’s ATIS technology is fast becoming a U.S. military standard.

About STR-SpeechTech Ltd.

STR-SpeechTech is the leading supplier of text-to-speech systems for mission-critical broadcasting applications. STR’s StarCaster text-to-speech systems are deployed throughout the world at Air Traffic Control Towers and Flight Service Stations, where the ability to generate clear and consistent aviation information broadcasts in a natural voice is a key component of operational efficiency and safety. Located in Victoria, Canada, STR has been dedicated to meeting our customers' needs for over 25 years.

For more information, contact:
Katy Earl, Communications Coordinator
Phone: +1 250 477 0544 (GMT-8)

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