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STR-SpeechTech Ltd Completes Technical Refresh of StarCaster TWEB System
at Three Sites in FAA Alaska Region

VICTORIA, BC, Canada – May 30, 2013. STR-SpeechTech Ltd. (STR) has recently completed a Technical Refresh of the StarCaster TWEB (Transcribed Weather Broadcast) System for the U.S. Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) at three Flight Service Stations in Juneau, Fairbanks and Kenai, Alaska. The StarCaster TWEB System provides automated broadcast of current weather information to aircraft in flight via VHF radio, throughout the state of Alaska (Anchorage FIR). The system also provides automated recordings of weather information that are available to pilots via telephone on TIBS (Telephone Information Briefing System).

“STR is pleased to provide the FAA with a refresh of the StarCaster TWEB System.” said Craig Dickson (President of STR). “Since the system was first installed in 2004, the FAA has relied on StarCaster TWEB to provide pilots in Alaska with vital weather information. This is very important in a large state like Alaska, where general aviation plays such an important role in the transportation network. Provision of current weather data is critical for pilots in a state where extreme weather conditions can rapidly deteriorate and affect aviation services.”

The StarCaster TWEB Systems that have been installed at the FAA Flight Service Stations in Alaska incorporate a dual hot-standby redundant server design, which will provide uninterrupted service for the TWEB broadcasts and TIBS recordings. The systems also incorporate STR’s patented text-to-speech technology, which provides very high-quality broadcasts that are easy for pilots to understand. STR will continue to provide ongoing support and maintenance for these TWEB Systems in FAA Alaska Region.

About STR-SpeechTech Ltd.

STR-SpeechTech is the leading supplier of text-to-speech systems for mission-critical broadcasting applications. STR’s StarCaster text-to-speech systems are deployed throughout the world at Air Traffic Control Towers and Flight Service Stations, where the ability to generate clear and consistent aviation information broadcasts in a natural voice is a key component of operational efficiency and safety. Located in Victoria, Canada, STR has been dedicated to meeting our customers' needs for over 25 years.

For more information, contact:
Katy Earl, Communications Coordinator
Phone: +1 250 477 0544 (GMT-8)

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