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STR-SpeechTech Releases Service-Oriented ATIS

VICTORIA, BC, Canada – Aug 11, 2016. STR-SpeechTech has completed the development of its next generation StarCaster (Version 6) broadcasting solution that allows Automatic Terminal Information Services (ATIS) to be deployed as a standalone tower system, a hosted service for multiple towers, or a cloud-based subscription service.

“More than ever, we find that ATC customers are looking for technology that is flexible to fit into many different operational paradigms,” said Craig Dickson, President and CEO of STR. “Whether it’s the desire to consolidate ATC systems, the move to a service-oriented environment, or even the advent of remote towers, we believe StarCaster v6 is perfectly suited for the future of aviation broadcasting.”

StarCaster ATIS now leverages new capabilities which allow it to be deployed in a SWIM environment: standardized and open interfaces for weather data exchange, web-based user interfaces that can be accessed securely from anywhere using a common web-browser, broadcast of ATIS voice messages in compliance to ATM VoIP interoperability standards, and transmission of D-ATIS messages directly to ACARS-equipped aircraft.

“Pilots and ATC staff already familiar with the StarCaster line of products recognize and appreciate the unparalleled voice quality that STR-SpeechTech offers.” said Steve Eady, Vice-President of STR. “Those features continue to lead the market, but StarCaster’s new capabilities allow us to bring those features to market in new and exciting ways.”

STR-SpeechTech is currently working with Rockwell Collins to implement the cloud-based configuration of StarCaster, with a planned launch of an ATIS subscription service early next year. STR-SpeechTech is pleased to work with Rockwell Collins on this new initiative, with the shared goal of improving global aviation safety by making ATIS services more readily available.

Current ATIS page - Version 6


About STR-SpeechTech Ltd.

STR-SpeechTech is the leading supplier of text-to-speech systems for mission-critical broadcasting applications. STR’s StarCaster text-to-speech systems are deployed throughout the world at Air Traffic Control Towers and Flight Service Stations, where the ability to generate clear and consistent aviation information broadcasts in a natural voice is a key component of operational efficiency and safety. Located in Victoria, Canada, STR has been dedicated to meeting customers' needs for over 26 years.

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