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Products: StarCaster® VOLMET

StarCaster VOLMET is for managers of Flight Service Stations who need a reliable method of generating VOLMET broadcasts that pilots can easily understand. StarCaster VOLMET is a fully integrated VOLMET text-to-speech server/client system that provides an automatic method of generating multiple broadcasts of weather information.

StarCaster VOLMET was designed to automatically download weather information in text format and convert the weather text into high quality voice output for broadcast to aircraft in flight. This PC-based, fully automated VOLMET system is effortless to use, and makes more efficient use of valuable labor resources since it eliminates the need to perform labor-intensive live manual broadcasts.

Why StarCaster® VOLMET?

  • Clear, natural-voice
  • Enhances flight safety
  • Reduces workload
  • User-friendly

Key features:

  • Optional automatic transfer of D-VOLMET text to Datalink
  • Flexible modular design
  • Fully scalable - client/server and remote workstation configurations
  • Automatic access and integration of weather and aviation data
  • Easily installed hardware interface to existing radio equipment

Broadcasts include:

  • METAR, SPECI, TAF and SIGMET information

Deployments of StarCaster VOLMET:

  • Shannon/Dublin Ireland VOLMET ~ For transatlantic flights from North America to Europe
  • New York VOLMET ~ For transatlantic flights from Europe to North America
  • Gander VOLMET ~ For transatlantic flights from Europe to North America (Canada)
  • Honolulu VOLMET ~ For transpacific flights
  • Trenton Military VOLMET

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VOLMET screenshots

View an example of the StarCaster VOLMET interface.

VOLMET Datasheet

Learn about the technical characteristics of StarCaster VOLMET.


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