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Broadcasts to date:

Products: StarCaster® RIS

StarCaster RIS (Range Information Service) is for managers of military training ranges who need to rapidly create or update broadcasts of current range activities.

Unlike the current practice that requires the operator to record the entire contents of a new broadcast onto a tape loop whenever conditions change, StarCaster RIS is used to automatically update the broadcast of range information and to prepare the message for broadcast in a matter of seconds.

Why StarCaster® RIS?

  • Clear, natural voice
  • Enhances flight safety
  • Reduces workload
  • Saves money
  • User-friendly
  • Accredited by US Air Force and Army
  • Fully automated for increased Range Control efficiency
  • Direct access to range information data from System Atlanta’s IDS5 information display system
  • Flexible, customizable and upgradable for future technologies

Broadcasts include:

  • Range Information and NOTAMs

STR-SpeechTech, Range Information System

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Get Information

RIS screenshot

View an example of the StarCaster RIS interface.

RIS Brochure

Learn about the technical characteristics of StarCaster RIS.


Identify the locations where StarCaster is deployed.

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