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Marketing and Management Team

Craig Dickson, M.A. Linguistics
President and CEO

In 1983, Craig led the establishment of STR's predecessor, the Centre for Speech Technology Research (CSTR) at the University of Victoria. In 1989, STR was established as a private corporation under Craig's direction, with a mandate to develop speech analysis and synthesis tools for commercial applications. Craig has since led the company to become a recognized developer of text-to-speech products and solutions. In addition to his corporate career, Craig taught courses in acoustic and instrumental phonetics at the University of Victoria. He has held an adjunct position at UVic since 1986. Craig is a member of VIATeC, ACETECH, ATCA, CANSO and the International Phonetic Association.

Stephen Eady, Ph.D. Linguistics
Vice President

Steve has been a leader in the STR team since becoming involved with STR's predecessor, Centre for Speech Technology Research (CSTR), to engage in text-to-speech research. Steve has over 30 years of experience in the development of STR's aviation broadcast systems, which are used in Air Traffic Control Towers and Flight Service Stations around the world. In particular, he has been responsible for the design, development and deployment of the StarCaster System. Steve's voice has been used in STR products for over 20 years. Before STR, Steve was a research scientist at the University of Iowa. Steve is a member of ATCA.

Dan Wilson, B.Soc.Sci. Economics
Director of Business Development

Dan joined STR in 2016 to lead the Business Development activities for STR's aviation broadcast systems. Dan has almost 20 years experience in the aviation industry working with a number of leading systems manufacturers in customer facing roles in Marketing, Sales, Business Development and Product Management. He has a wide range of experience in all aspects of CNS/ATM systems with specific expertise in aeronautical communications and information management. In 2002, Dan graduated from the University of Ottawa with a Bachelor Degree in Economics.

Deborah M. Dickson
Marketing & Sales Associate

Deborah joined the STR team in 2005 bringing her experience and extensive background in marketing to the company. Since then she has contributed to the design & collateral for international events & tradeshows in Latin America and Washington, D.C. 2016 marked her 10th anniversary representing STR at global air traffic management tradeshows. In 2015, Deborah assisted the Canadian Trade Commissioner with the organization of the first reception for Canadian companies and their international partners, hosted at the Consulate's private residence in Madrid. Deborah's experience in public relations and sales is a significant advantage to the company when developing marketing strategies and innovations that enhance STR's brand. Her energy and enthusiasm add to the Team's positive culture.

AJ Hildebrand, B.Sc. Linguistics (Hons.)
Coordinator, External Relations

AJ joined STR in 2013 and is the point of contact for coordinating conference and trade show logistics. AJ brings to STR years of experience in communications (Canadian Armed Forces), graphic design and human resources. He completed his B.Sc. at the University of Victoria, with a keen interest in the physiology of speech transmission and reception.

Patricia Simon, B.Sc. Computer Science
Resource Manager

Patricia joined STR in 1993 and has been a key player in the company ever since. Patricia is responsible for project, product and configuration management. She takes a leadership role in the design, development and quality assurance of STR's varied products. Post-installation customer support is also among her duties. In addition, Patricia serves as a mentor to individuals in the company, assisting others in reaching their career goals. Patricia has a B.Sc. in Computer Science and a certificate in the CGA Foundation Studies for accounting.

Allan Wynrib, B.Sc. Computer Science
Senior Programmer Analyst

Allan joined Centre for Speech Technology Research (CSTR) in 1985 as a programmer/analyst and led the Computerized Speech Lab (CSL) project. He worked with CSTR and then STR for a combined total of 12 years before pursuing an opportunity with Pacific Spatial Systems in the area of GIS. In 1999, Allan returned to STR as a senior programmer/analyst to grow the CSL line of products. He has been a great asset throughout STR's growth and has been invaluable in mentoring newer members of the team. Allan gained his B.Sc. in 1985.

Marisa Monteleone, Ph.D. Linguistics
Research and Development Manager

Marisa joined STR-SpeechTech in 2010. She is responsible for managing the research and development of STR’s speech technology, heading a team of linguists and software engineers who have expertise in several languages, acoustic phonetics, concatenative speech synthesis and digital signal processing. Marisa earned her Ph.D. at the Graduate Center of the City University of New York (CUNY), with a specialization in cross-language speech perception. Previously, Marisa worked as a senior linguist at Sensory, Inc., which develops speech technology products for the consumer industry.

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